Board of Supervisors (BoS)

Board Members:

Chairperson: John McHugh
Term to expire 12/31/2017.

Vice Chairperson: Tracy Olsen
Term to expire 12/31/2019.

Member:  Travis Stacey
Term to expire 12/31/2021.

Honey Brook Township is a Township of the second class which has three officials elected at-large comprising the Board of Supervisors (BOS). This three-member board is the governing unit that provides executive and legislative decisions impacting the Township. A Board member is compensated at $2,500 per year.

Each BOS member is elected to a six year term. Every two years an election is held to fill one supervisor’s seat.

Residents are encouraged to pursue serving on the Board of Supervisors.  Requirements are:  1) the person be a registered voter, and 2) have resided in Honey Brook Township at least one full year. Please contact the Committee Person representing either the Democratic or Republican parties to receive endorsement and filing on the ballot.  Independents can file a petition to have their name included on the ballot.

Deadlines for filing of petitions and voter information are available on the Township calendar of events.

For information on voting, including registration information, please contact Chester County Voter Services.


Board Workshops:

Board workshops are held the Thursday prior to the Regular Board meeting at 7:00 pm, except prior to the January meeting, unless otherwise announced.


Board Meetings:

The Board of Supervisors Regular meeting begins at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month (except for January).  The January meeting is held after the Re-organization, which is held the first Monday of January (unless Monday is a legal holiday; then it is held on Tuesday).

Agendas for meetings are available prior to the meeting.  Meetings are open to the public and members of the public are given the opportunity to speak during the open forum portion(s) of the meeting.

Items which require Board action are discussed and/or voted on at regular meetings.

Filing Deadlines for Board Regular Meetings are 12 calendar days prior to the meeting.  Click here to see the complete 2017 meeting schedule.

When required, public hearings for Ordinances or Conditional Use Applications are also conducted at regular meetings, which are advertised in advance of the hearings.  Legal notices for the Township are published in the Daily Local News.  Visit the Pennsylvania Public Notices website to search for notices of interest to you.

Click here for a Conditional Use Hearing Application.


The Board will hear the applications for kennels from the following individuals at their May 10, 2017 Regular meeting:

  • Benuel M. Kauffman, Jr. of 1991 Beaver Dam Road.  Click here to see the legal advertisement in its entirety.
  • Isaac S. Fisher of 1063 Compass Road.  Click here to see the legal advertisement in its entirety.
  • Jonathan S. Stoltzfus of 265 Long Lane.  Click here to see the legal advertisement in its entirety.


Conditional Use Hearing Decisions for 2016:

CU 2016-7, application of Seldomridge Partnership, Ltd., 88 Village Square, for use of four units as a church by Honey Brook Community Church.
CU 2016-6, application of Ben Kauffman, 2398 Compass Road, to operate a kennel.
CU 2016-5, application of Sam Stoltzfus, 375 Pleasant View Road, to operate a kennel. 
CU 2016-4, application of Aaron King, 297 Old Pequea Lane, to operate a kennel.
CU 2016-3, application of Benjamin K. Stoltzfus of 251 Gooseberry Lane, to operate a kennel.
CU 2016-2, application of Tracy L. Olsen & Eric R. Olsen to establish a planned village commercial center.
CU 2016-1, application of Samuel S. Kaffman & Ada Mae Kauffman, 1571 Beaver Dam Road, to operate a kennel.


Last update:  April 25, 2017.