Park and Recreation (P&R)


Board Members:

Lee Heller – Co-Chair, term to expire 12/31/2021
Sheri Zynn – Co-Chair, term to expire 12/31/2020
Therese Mauchline – Secretary, term to expire 12/31/2020
Christine Luke, term to expire 12/31/2021
R. Allen Hartz, term to expire 12/31/2019
Scott Holt, term to expire 12/31/2021
Kevin Wynant, term to expire 12/31/2018
The Park & Recreation Committee was re-established in 2012 and typically meets on the third Thursday of the month January through October (except July) at 7:30 pm at the Township Administration Building.  There are no meetings in November and December.  Click here for the complete 2018 meeting schedule.

In March 2013, the committee adopted the following mission statement:

“The Honey Brook Township Parks and Recreation Commission’s mission is to provide opportunities for people to enrich their lives and increase their enjoyment and well-being through outdoor recreation and education.”


Chapter 17 of the Township Code of Ordinances:  Parks & Recreation

Ordinance 188-2017, passed on September 13, 2017, added Chapter 17, Parks & Recreation, which includes park rules & regulations, to the Township Code of Ordinances.



Park & Recreation Comprehensive Plan Study Committee

The Park & Rec Board of Honey Brook Township, along with residents from a cross-section of the community, will be working with Pashek & MTR, Ltd. on the Township’s first Comprehensive Recreation, Parks, Open Space and Greenway Plan.  The Board of Supervisors approved Pashek & MTR, Ltd. as consultants to the Committee in the drafting of this Plan at their Regular Meeting on August 8, 2018.

What Do You Think About Parks and Recreation in Honey Brook Township?  Take the Survey

Your answers to this short survey are important and will help Honey Brook Township plan for recreation activities, trails and park facilities that you and other residents desire. It will only take a few minutes and your responses are completely anonymous.  This link will take you to the survey.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

If you prefer to complete a paper survey, please contact the Township Administration Office at 610-273-3970, and one will be sent to you.

Trail Study Committee

Scott Holt, Kevin Wynant, and Sheri Zynn of the Park & Rec Committee meets with Beth Burnam of the Brandywine Conservancy to study trail feasibility in the Township and Borough.  The committee meets on the second Thursday of the month, January through November (except August), at 7:00 pm.  Click here for the complete 2018 meeting schedule.

January 11, 2018 Meeting Agenda
February 8, 2018 Meeting Agenda – February 8, 2018 Approved Minutes
March 8, 2018 Meeting Agenda – March 8, 2018 Approved Minutes
April 12, 2018 Meeting Agenda – April 12, 2018 Approved Minutes
May 10, 2018 Meeting Agenda – May 10, 2018 Minutes
June 14, 2018 Meeting Agenda – June 14, 2018 Approved Minutes
July 12, 2018 Meeting Agenda – July 12, 2018 Approved Minutes
August 16, 2018 Meeting Agenda – August 16, 2018 Approved Minutes
September 13, 2018 Meeting Agenda – September 13, 2018 Approved Minutes  (These will be posted once they are approved at the next meeting.)
October 11, 2018 Meeting Agenda – October 11, 2018 Approved Minutes (These will be posted once they are approved at the next meeting.)
November 8, 2018 Meeting Agenda – November 8, 2018 Approved Minutes (These will be posted once they are approved at the next meeting.)


Mosquito Information

2018 is proving to be a difficult year for mosquitos, not just throughout Chester County but throughout the entire Commonwealth.  As of July 23, 2018, routine seasonal monitoring conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s West Nile virus surveillance program has detected 1,109 infected mosquito samples and two infected birds in 43 out of 67 counties throughout the Commonwealth. Incidents of West Nile virus are most commonly seen July through September, and the risk continues until the first hard frost.

The Chester County Health Department (CCHD) has a Mosquito-Borne Diseases program which involves education, surveillance and control efforts. The CCHD collects mosquito samples using traps that aid in monitoring the mosquito population’s rate of infectious diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika, both of which are spread to people by mosquito bites.
Prevention-related information may be found on the CCHD’s “Make You and Your Home a Bite-Free Zone” web page.  Also, check the CCHD West Nile Virus web page to determine if virus-positive mosquitos have been detected in your municipality.

80% of human West Nile virus infections are asymptomatic. Approximately 20% of infections result in West Nile fever, and less than 1% of infections develop into severe neuroinvasive disease such as meningitis, encephalitis, or acute flaccid paralysis. Such diseases are more likely to occur in patients over the age of 50 or in those with compromised immunity. If you suspect infection, please visit your primary care physician.


Great American Cleanup/Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful 2018

The Park & Recreation Board held its Honey Brook Cleanup Day as part of 2018’s Great American Cleanup of PA on Saturday, May 5.  A recap will be available soon.  Thanks to all who came out and helped!


Great American Cleanup/Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful 2017

The Park and Recreation Committee held a cleanup on Saturday, April 29, from 8:00 am until noon.  A total of 12 people picked up 41 bags of trash and 18 tires from Struble Lake, Fieldstone Road, Welsh Road, Route 322 (from Heatherwood east to Turkey Hill), Griesen Road, and Forest Road; a total of 3.84 miles.  Bags, gloves, and vests were provided by PennDOT.  Thanks to all who came out and helped!






Thanks to Sheri Zynn for the photos.













Another cleanup day in Honey Brook Township, part of the Great American Cleanup/Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful campaign, was held on May 27, 2017.  Thirteen volunteers collected 16 bags of trash along a 1.5-mile stretch of Cambridge Road in two hours’ time.  Bags, gloves, and vests were provided by PennDOT.  Thanks to all who came out and helped!

Photos courtesy Reuben Schonebaum.



















James A. Umble Memorial Park

The James A. Umble Memorial Park is the center of public recreational activities and is located at 173 Suplee Road. There are tennis courts, a sand lot volley ball court, baseball/softball fields and a large wooded picnic area with a pavilion. The park is also the home of The Twin Valley Little League. We request all persons and groups who use the park to be considerate of the neighbors and to police the area for litter following any activity.

For a list of Park Rules, click here.

Twin Valley Little League plays at Umble Park.


Reserving the Pavilion for Events:
There is no fee for use of the park pavilion; however, there is a deposit and a Facilities Use Application that must be completed and returned.  Please call the Township at 610-273-3970 for availability.  Your preferred time slot will not be secured until receipt of the completed use application and the required deposit.

Born Learning Trail
Installed in November 2014, this is the 9th such trail installed in Chester County as part of the United Way of Chester County (UWCC)’s Early Childhood Education Initiative and features several activities for preschoolers and their caregivers to engage in language development activities.  Funded by a grant the UWCC received from the 1675 Foundation, employees of SABIC-Integrated Plastics donated materials to and were instrumental in the Trail’s installation.

ready for ribbon cutting

Ready, set….

cutting ribbon


For more information about the trail, see the User’s Guide.

The Park & Recreation Committee hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the trail on May 2, 2015.  Click here to see the press release.

Click here to read the Tri-County article about the ribbon-cutting.



adults at the ribbon cutting

Applauding the efforts of all who helped the trail come to fruition.









Little Free Library
Located along the Born Learning Trail, this kiosk functions as a free lending site for pre-K level books.  The child-sized library is designed to promote reading with a “take one, leave one” approach.  The little free library is installed thanks to a grant by CCRES Educational & Behavioral Health Services.


The Tennis courts are a dual-purpose facility providing tennis and pickleball. The tennis courts are lined to accommodate both activities. Residents are welcome to use the courts for either activity.  Currently this is done on a first-come, first-served basis. The pickleball nets, paddles, and balls are available at the Township building. For more information on pickleball, please go to this site to find out more:



Tree Planting – October 14, 2017
Members of the Community and the Park & Rec Committee installed trees and plants as part of the Pollution Reduction Plan (PRP) under the Honey Brook Township Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit renewal.  Thank you to everyone who came out and helped!  Click here to read about the rain garden installation at the James A. Umble Memorial Park in fall 2017 in the Winter 2017 issue of the Brandywine Conservancy’s online newsletter, Environmental Currents.





Summer Activities for Youth

Half-Day Summer camp for Kindergarteners through 6th-graders
Check back in early Spring 2019 for information!


Chester County Food Bank & Honey Brook Food Pantry

The Honey Brook Food Pantry distributes food to those in need in the Twin Valley School District or immediate surrounding area at the Good Food Distribution Center, 5064 Horseshoe Pike twice per month (check the Township calendar for dates and times; click here for the Apr-Jun 2018 schedule).  Please bring identification to show proof of residency.  Individuals may pick up once per month from this location.  Questions?  Call the Food Pantry at 610-273-6102.

Volunteers are needed for a variety of duties at the Food Pantry, some physically demanding, some not.  Click here to see the opportunities available.   Those interested in volunteering for the Food Pantry should contact Ken Ross at 610-291-0067 or

Visit the Honey Brook Food Pantry’s Facebook page or the Honey Brook Food Pantry’s website.  Click here for the 4th Quarter 2017 Board Chairman’s Report.

A collection bin is located in the lobby of the Honey Brook Township Administration Building, 500 Suplee Road, for non-perishable food donations during normal business hours.

Make a Difference Day 2018

National Make A Difference Day is an annual community service event held on the fourth Saturday in October.  Since its creation in 1992, Make a Difference Day has helped to encourage thousands of people across the country to make an actual difference in their neighborhood, community and nation.  Overall, Make a Difference Day has spurred people to make a difference in themselves, as well as in the world.  Millions of people have united in the common mission to improve the lives of others.

The Honey Brook Community Partnership has been an active sponsor of Make A Difference Day for many years.  The Honey Brook Community Partnership supported Make A Difference Day 2018 by involving local organizations, businesses and community members in contributing diapers and wipes to the Honey Brook Food Pantry and adult men’s and women’s underwear and socks to the American Legion Post 422 for distribution to veterans at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Coatesville.


Raised Garden at the Administration Building

Honey Brook Township is the only municipality in Chester County participating in the Chester County Food Bank raised garden project.  The Park and Recreation Committee is in need of volunteers to help water, weed, and harvest the garden’s produce beginning in Spring 2019.  Contact the Township Administration Office at 610-273-3970 if interested in helping out.







Above:  Therese and Chris Mauchline (center) were honored at the December 9, 2015 Board of Supervisors Regular meeting for their work on the Raised Garden Bed.  Pictured with the Mauchlines are John McHugh (left) and Tracy Olsen (right).


Read about the spring 2013 inaugural planting of the garden here.


Certified Master Composter Classes

The Chester County Solid Waste Authority typically offers these classes in late winter each year.  Check back for the dates for 2019.  For questions, please call 484-796-4041.


Township Administration Building Use Policy

This policy was established in Resolution 2-2010.


Brandywine Creek Greenway

The Brandywine Creek Greenway is a regional planning initiative of the Brandywine Conservancy and twenty-four municipalities (including Honey Brook Township) and is being made possible with generous support from the William Penn Foundation, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and Chester County. Click here to learn more or visit the Brandywine Creek Greenway page of the Township website.

Click here for a free smart-phone app to help users find recreational activities in more than 100 publicly accessible parks and preserves in Chester and Delaware Counties.


Chester County Department of Facilities & Parks

Visit the County website by clicking here.  View the event listings by clicking here.


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