FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

New Residents.
Q.  Is a Use & Occupancy permit (U&O) required on residential resale?
No.  It is required on commercial resale only.

Q.  I’m new to the area (or about to move here).  What do I need to know?
A.  A good place to start is the About the Township page of the website.  The Chester County website,, also has a wealth of information.

Q.  Is my property on public sewer or public water?
A.  For sewer information, call the Northwestern Chester County Municipal Authority (NCCMA) at 610-273-2265 for all areas but Mountainview development (which is on Caernarvon-Berks’ system; see below).
– For water information for properties east of Honey Brook Borough, call Aqua PA at 800-711-4779.
– For water information for properties west of Honey Brook Borough, call the Honey Brook Borough Authority at 610-273-7830.
– For water & sewer information for Mountainview development, call Caernarvon-Berks Water & Sewer Authority at 610-286-1017.


Q.  Where may I obtain a dog license?
A.   Applications are available at the Township Administration office, but dog licenses are issued by Chester County, not Honey Brook Township. All dogs must have current licenses.  Call the Chester County main office at 610-344-6000 or use this link:  Lifetime Dog Licenses are available; submit the following two forms:
Lifetime Dog License Application
Permanent ID Verification Form


Q.  I’m re-roofing my house.  Do I need a permit?
A.  If only the shingles are being removed and replaced, then no.  If, however, structural changes are being made (dormers added or removed), then you must apply for a residential building permit.

Q.  I’m sealing my driveway.  Do I need a permit?
A.  No.  However, if any changes are being made to the footprint of the driveway (i.e. widening, adding a turnaround), then you must apply for a Driveway permit.


Q.  Where do I get a recycling bin?
A.  Check with your contracted hauler.  For neighborhoods with a Homeowner’s Association (HoA), check with them for contact information for the hauler selected for your neighborhood (Brandywine Preserve, Cambridge Run, Foxbrooke, Knob Hill, Mountainview).

Q.  How do I dispose of leaves, brush, or Christmas trees?
A.  Again, check with your hauler.  You can also check out the CCSWA’s website for information on wood and vegetative disposal on site at the Lanchester Landfill.

Q. I have an old lawnmower battery and a broken television.  How can I dispose of them?
A.  The Chester County Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) holds various Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste Events (residential only; no commercial) throughout the year.  See the kinds of materials they accept by clicking hereThe CCSWA no longer collects e-waste at Household Hazardous Waste events; click here for places to recycle such items, or browse the CCSWA’s resource directory.

Q.  I have expired medications to dispose of.  Where can I do that?
A.  There are several drop-off locations throughout Chester County.  Click here for the list.


Q.  I have an issue with my Comcast bill.  The Township phone number is listed on my bill; should I call the township?
A.  No.  Dial 1-800-COMCAST (266-2278).  By law, the Township must be listed on the bill as the franchising authority, giving the company permission to have their cable/telephone lines in the Township.  The Township has nothing to do with the billing rates, process, or practices.


Q.  I would like to register a complaint.  How do I do that?
A.  Fill out the Township’s Complaint Form and return it, or call the Administration Office at 610-273-3970 and provide the information to one of the staff for investigation.


Last updated:  March 17, 2017.