Pipeline Information Center


The Chester County Commissioners have launched an informational website–the Pipeline Information Center–about the 600 miles of pipeline infrastructure in Chester County.  It provides a wide range of information on proposed pipeline projects and operators, regulatory agencies, the regulatory process, pipeline maps, and other pipeline resources.  The interactive pipeline map allows anyone in the county to enter their address and determine their proximity to existing pipelines.

Resources are also provided to aid in the location of pipelines easements and deed information.  As noted on the webpage, this information is not a substitute for legal advice and any financial or legal decisions should only be made after consulting with an experienced professional adviser.  Click here for the landowners’ resources page.


Remember to call 8-1-1 before you dig!

Pipelines and underground utility lines were damaged more than 275,000 times in 2015.  Anyone conducting digging projects for any reason should participate in the One Call process, even if they are exempt from state legal requirements.  Call 8-1-1 or submit an online ticket at  This initiates notification to pipeline and underground utility operators who will mark the location for their lines and be available to discuss project considerations.  For more information, visit and download the excavation best practices information at


The company operating pipeline facilities in Chester County is Interstate Energy Company.
– Emergency number:  800-747-3375
– Non-emergency number:  610-327-5334


Last update:  August 30, 2017.