Sewage Management

Ordinances with regard to Sewage Management

Currently, the Township does not have an on-lot sewage management ordinance.  Information will be updated as it becomes available.  An introduction to this process is in the article, “On-Lot Sewage Maintenance Ordinance” on page 1 of the Fall 2013 Honey Brook Township newsletter.

See the Planning Commission Minutes page and the Board of Supervisors Minutes page for more details.


Sewer Authority

The Northwestern Chester County Municipal Authority (NCCMA) manages the sewer system in Honey Brook Township.

P. O. Box 308
Honey Brook, PA 19344
(37 Dampman Rd.)
Phone: 610-273-2265
FAX 610-273-2265

The NCCMA consists of three Board members from each of Honey Brook Borough and Honey Brook Township.  Honey Brook Township is represented by:

Donald Kline, term to expire 12/31/2020.
Bill Kennedy, term to expire 12/31/2018.
Mike Kern, term to expire 12/31/2019.

For information on the NCCMA’s meeting schedule, click here.


Click here for Honey Brook Township’s existing sewer service area under the Act 537 Plan.
Click here for the proposed sewer service areas.


On-Lot Septic

On-Lot septic permits are issued by the Chester County Health Department (CCHD).  Click here for information, or call 610-344-5270.

For helpful tips for on-lot sewage system maintenance, click on the following links:

The Board of Supervisors held an educational meeting on December 12, 2013, to provide information for homeowners with on-lot sewage systems.  Click here for a link to the Power Point presentation from that meeting.



December 12, 2013 On-Lot Sewage Education Presentation

Common Systems

Basic Maintenance Indicators of Problems

Options to Reduce or Eliminate



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