Every resident pays real estate and earned income taxes, whether you own the property on which you reside or not.  If you’re a renter, your real estate tax is typically included in the rent.  The following list should help you keep up to date on this important civic responsibility.  Love them or hate them, taxes are the means by which government provides the services from which we all benefit.  The Township collects two types of tax each year–a 1.5% Earned Income Tax and a Real Estate Tax based upon a property’s assessed valuation.

Earned Income Tax.
Keystone Collections Group collects this tax on behalf of the Township and the Twin Valley School District.  The school district receives one-half of a percent from this tax.  The remaining one percent goes to the Township (0.5% for general funding and 0.5% for land preservation).  Like your state and federal income taxes, you must file with Keystone by April 15th each year.  Forms are available by contacting Keystone Collections Group 610-269-4402.  Click here for Taxpayer Helpline information.

Failure-to-File Notices for the previous year are sent after October 15.  Call 1-866-539-1100 or visit Keystone’s website to file electronically.  Click here for the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

Honey Brook Township’s political subdivision code (PSD Code) is 151006.  The PSD Code plays an important role in assisting employers and tax collectors to distribute the correct amount of local Earned Income Tax collected to the correct municipality—township, borough, city—in Pennsylvania.


Real Estate Tax.  Residents in Honey Brook Township pay three kinds of real estate taxes to two different agencies.  Each dollar of property tax paid is split up as follows:

RE tax dollar 2016-17

  1. Twin Valley School District (TVSD).  The TVSD collects its own real estate tax.  The tax rate for school year 2019-20 is 30.1215 mills for Chester County.  Contact the district’s tax office at 610-286-8632 for more information or click here.
  2. Chester County.  Chester County collects its own real estate tax (Chester County Treasurer:  610-344-6370).  The 2019 tax rate is 4.369 mills.  Contact the County Assessment office at 610-344-6105 for more information.
  3. Honey Brook Township.  The 2020 tax rate is 1.35 mills, the first increase since 2008.  The breakdown is:  0.7 mills for General Fund, 0.5 mills for Fire, and 0.15 mills for Ambulance.
    Click here to read a letter from the Board of Supervisors explaining the tax increase.  As of 2018, the Chester County Treasurer collects the Township’s real estate tax.  Call 610-344-6370 or click here.

Note:  Berkheimer Associates collected the Township’s real estate tax between 2004 and 2017.  Contact Berkheimer at 1-866-300-1714.


To see a graphic representation of the breakdown of Township, County, and School District taxes for the first half of 2020, click here.  This example is based upon median home values and incomes for ZIP code 19344 as of 2018 based on the American Community Survey.


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Last update: January 16, 2020.