Citizen Recognition



At the December 11, 2019 Board of Supervisors meeting, several community members were recognized:

  • Frank Fredella, for his 11 years of service on the Zoning Hearing Board








  • Ivan and Anna (not pictured) Stoltzfus, for their work with Steeple to People and the Honey Brook Youth Center









  • Henry Zawada, for raising awareness about potential dangers in the water supply, and








  • Steve Ferstler (not pictured), for leading the Boy Scouts for 15 years and leading the scouts in participating in the Veterans Day Ceremonies since 2012.




At the December 12, 2019 Board of Supervisors meeting the Planning Commission was recognized for its work on the new Zoning Ordinance:






Pictured left-right:  Gary McEwen, Terry Schmidt, Supervisor Tracy Olsen, Melissa Needles, Bob Witters, Supervisor John McHugh, and Supervisor Travis Stacey.  Not pictured:  Levi Kauffman, Susan Lacy, and Troy Stacey.




At the December 13, 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting, several community members were recognized:

  • Shane Hadden, Chip Jones (second from left), Susan Lacy (at left), John R. Stoltzfus, and Mike Zook for serving on the Land Preservation Committee.

  • Karen Gorgonzola and Sandy Bach (at left) for assisting with the Raised Bed Garden this year.

  • Tim Herr (at left) for assisting with the compilation of names for the Veterans Honor Roll.

  • Robert Miller for R-V Industries’ outstanding recycling in 2016.
  • Herb Beck for serving on the Planning Commission for 26 years and the Regional Planning Commission for four years.





Members of the Kennel Task Force were recognized at their December 6, 2017 meeting:

  • Amos Kauffman, moderator
  • Benuel M. Kauffman
  • Levi Kauffman
  • Melissa Needles
  • Liz Purring
  • Becky Ricci
  • Jane Ruffini
  • Kirk Ruffini
  • Terry Schmidt
  • Leslie Siebert
  • Abner Stoltzfus
  • Benuel S. Stoltzfus




At the December 14, 2016 Board of Supervisors meeting, Scott Stilson was recognized for his contribution to the community in his videotaping the Board of Supervisors meetings.


At the September 14, 2016 Board of Supervisors meeting, Sandy Griffin was honored for her service to the Honey Brook community.



At the April 13, 2016 Board of Supervisors meeting, several former members of the Honey Brook Community Library (HBCL) Board of Trustees were honored for their service to the community:

  • Fran Atkins – Fran became the voice of HBCL preparing the library’s newsletters and capital campaign letters, especially to many of the Township’s residents that have not had the chance to visit the Library.  Her communications have increased awareness and persuaded many to enjoy this great community asset and all of the services that it provides.  Fran was also a key contributor in the Director identification and hire process and was a valued voice at the table for every meeting.
  • Chuck Bachman – Chuck worked tirelessly on the Board, attending all meetings and leading the Finance subcommittee, as well as helping at many of the library’s fundraising and community outreach efforts.
  • Veanna Baxter – As an ex-librarian herself, Veanna shared her unique experiences, insights, and knowledge as well as her time.  Her contributions helped significantly in identifying the perfect Library Director to guide the HBCL into the future.
  • Heather Elam – Heather gave her heart, time, and knowledge to make the HBCL a better place on a daily basis. Her contributions within the Finance and Fundraising committees were key to those committees’ success.  She committed many hours chasing down resources, fund raising, and working side by side the other committee members and Friends to make sure that every effort to make the library better and to serve our community was successful.
  • Michael Greene – many of the other honorees stated that the HBCL’s recent successes were due in large part to Michael’s contributions during his tenure on the Board.  His praise for his fellow Board members is reflected in the descriptions of their contributions.  Of all of them he says, “This team as well as all of the volunteers before us and those who remain on the Board, have worked hand in hand with the Library Director(s) and Staff to make Honey Brook Library the successful proverbial center of our community.”
  • Barbara Monaghan – As have many of her fellow Board members, Barbara helped out with fund raisers and with special projects such as the Library Director identification and hiring process.
  • Dave Paton – Dave shared his vast experience in accounting and business to design a financial plan that, along with staff contributions and the backing of supporters, has pushed the HBCL through some of its hardest days. His planning and efforts have positioned the library to succeed and to grow in service and resources well into the future.



At the December 9 Board of Supervisors meeting, several people were recognized for their contributions to Honey Brook Township:

  • Dick Reeder was presented with a certificate to recognize his six years of service on the Zoning Hearing Board and 3.5 years of service on the planning Commission.  Pictured with Mr. Reeder (center) is John McHugh (at left) and Tracy Olsen (at right), Supervisors.

McHugh, Reeder, and Olsen

Certificates of Recognition were presented to the following individuals who contributed to the success of the Park and Recreation programs in 2015:

For their contribution to the raised garden bed program:                                                    McHugh, Mauchlines, Olsen

  • Chris Mauchline (2nd from right)
  • Therese Mauchline (2nd from left)




For their contribution to the summer youth program:

  • Terry AndrowickMcHugh, McMinimee, Siebert, Olsen
  • Lee Heller
  • Rob McMinimee (2nd from left)
  • Jeremy Wilson Rahn
  • Leslie Siebert (2nd from right)
  • Michelle Zeitz



For their contribution to the Harmony Day Bike Ride, which raised $835 for the Honey Brook Food Pantry:

  • Richard Antonson
  • Dennis DiMarco
  • Glenn Emery
  • Donna Horvath
  • Paula McGinness
  • Dot Vongerbig
  • Rick Vongerbig

Pictured left to right are John McHugh, Supervisor; Glenn Emery, Donna Horvath, Richard Antonson, and Paula McGinness; and Travis Stacey and Tracy Olsen, Supervisors.

McHugh, Emery, Horvath, Antonson, McGinness, Stacey, Olsen

In the news, December 15, 2015:  read about the Tri-County’s coverage of the citizen awards presented at the Dec. 9 Board of Supervisors meeting by clicking here.




At the 225th kick-off celebration on August 9, a Certificate of Recognition was presented to the following individual who made significant contributions to Honey Brook Township:

  • Joe Gable


As the 225th Anniversary year drew to a close, Certificates of Recognition were presented in honor of the following individuals who made significant contributions to Honey Brook Township:

  • Michal Jany
  • Ruby Witman
  • Bill Ford
  • JoAnn Guiseppe
  • Ed Frankel




  • Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Therese Mauchline.


  • Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Paula McGinness and to Joe Beiler.





  • Certificate of Recognition awarded to Webolos Den 1, led by Den Leader John Goetz.  Five members of the Webolos Den 1 participated in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the February 8 , 2012 Board of Supervisors meeting in order to earn their citizenship badge. The Honey Brook Township Board of Supervisors acknowledged their achievement by presenting each member of the Webolos Den a Certificate of Recognition.


  • Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to the Honey Brook Township staff.
Toni Antonini Don Johnson Don Mertz, Sr.
Kristy Deischer-Eddy Steve Frey Joe Beiler
  •  Resolution 10-2012.  A Proclamation of Thanks to Michael France.
  • Twin Valley Community Education Foundation Leadership Award – Township Supervisor John McHugh nominated Deb Oldham and Lee Heller for this prestigious award. The Leadership Award was presented to Deb Oldham at the Twin Valley High School for her work on the Honey Brook Parks and Recreation Commission and other volunteer activities that has been very much appreciated in our community.




  • Resolution 14-2008.  Proclamation of thanks to Ed Frankel for 12 years’ service on the Zoning Hearing Board.
  •  Resolution 13-2008.  Proclamation of thanks to Joann Guiseppe for 18 years’ service on the Planning Commission.






  • Resolution 6-2007.  Proclamation of Thanks to D. Daniel Nunemaker for designing the Township Seal.











  • Resolution 11-1994.  Recognizing the American Legion’s 75th anniversary.




  • Resolution 4-1991.  Recognition of James A. Umble’s 45+ years of service to Honey Brook Township.




  • Resolution 14-1989.  Appreciation to Richard Deck for [12] years of service to the Township.




  • Resolution 8-1979.  Proclamation of Thanks to Raymond Means.
  • Resolution 7-1979.  Proclamation of Thanks to Martin D. Kern.


Last updated:  December 16, 2019.