Serving Our Country

Honoring Those Who Serve Our Country

Honey Brook Township would like to recognize with deep pride those serving our country in the United States Armed Forces.  Please inform us of any other Honey Brook Township resident currently serving our country so we may recognize and acknowledge their contribution to our country’s safety by calling the Township Administration Office at 610-273-3970 or e-mail

For Those Serving Our Country – Thank You!

~~ B ~~

Randy A. Barlit – Air Force, 2000-

~~ E ~~

Austin Errickson – Army Reserve

~~ G ~~

Lindsey S. Gallagher – Army
Daniel J. Gallagher – Air Force
Daniel Gant
Jeremy Gerringer – Air Force

~~ J ~~

Miles F. Jones-France – Marines

~~ K ~~

Lauren Klinger – Army
Robert Klinger, Jr. – Army

~~ M ~~

June Martin
Nolan Mooney – Army

~~ R ~~

Chris Rivera – Marines
Nate Romig


Last update:  December 31, 2015.