Honey Brook Township, Chester County, PA

Honey Brook Township

Chester County, PA

500 Suplee Road • PO BOX 1281 • Honey Brook, PA 19344

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-3PM
Phone: (610) 273-3970
Fax: (610) 273-3909

The following zoning hearings have been scheduled for Monday, October 4, 2021:

At 7:30 pm:  ZH 2021-9, application of Elam F. Smucker, variance to 27-1025.D.(2), in order to operate a kennel within the setbacks at 2134 Compass Road in the A – Agricultural zoning district.

At 8:00 pm:  ZH 2021-10, application of Jonas Stoltzfus, variance to 27-1033.H.10(a) and (b), in order to reconstruct a burned structure for a Rural Occupation in excess of 3,000 s.f., to employ more than two non-family employees, and to allow a side yard setback of less than 100 feet at 6430 Emery Road in the A – Agricultural zoning district.