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Veterans Ceremonies

Residents of Honey Brook Borough and Township are invited each November to join a free ceremony to honor the men and women who served in all branches of our armed services.

2023 Veterans Ceremony 

Save the Date! The Annual Veterans Day Ceremony will take place on Sunday, November 5, 2023, beginning at 2 pm at the Stonecroft Center for the Performing Arts, 4000 Treeline Drive, Honey Brook. Organized by representatives from Honey Brook Borough, Honey Brook Township, and Tel Hai, this annual event is already being planned. Details will be announced closer to the event.


Past Ceremonies

Veterans Honored on Nov. 13, 2022:

Veterans Day 2021 – YouTube

April 2021 marked 160 years since the start of the Civil War, which lasted four long years.  Over 100 veterans of this conflict have been identified as having hailed from Honey Brook.  They are:

William Ammon
L Andrew
Robert G Barr
Gaston Bender
Amos Bidden
James Boyd
James Buchanan son of John Buchanan, who served in the War of 1812.
David Buchanan son of John Buchanan, who served in the War of 1812.
A. Thomas Buchanan son of John Buchanan, who served in the War of 1812.
William Buller
William Cairns
Samuel Cauller
William W Climenson
William W Climenson
John P. Collins
John Dampman Dampman Road was named for this family.
Joseph Davis At one time, there were three Davis Roads in Honey Brook Township.
William Davis One Davis Road off of Beaver Dam was abandoned.
Benjamin Davis One Davis Road was renamed Fieldstone Road.
Markley Davis Only one Davis Road remains, off Mill Road.
George Deichley
John Deisem
Amos Deisem
William Deisen
William Devine
Joseph Devine
George Dicely
Sam Dicely
Bill Dicely
James Emrey The Emrey family had a large farm south of the Village of Cambridge.
Samuel Eppihimer The Eppihimer family ran a funeral home in the Township for over 80 years.  Margaret Eppihimer wrote two Honey Brook history books.
Jacob Fisher
John F Ford
John Wesley Ford Tracy Olsen’s great-great-great-great grandfather.  Served in both the Union Army and Navy aboard the U.S.S. Barron DeKalb.
Frank Forrest Forrest Road may be named for this man’s family.
Cyrus L Gehr
Thomas Gibson
William Given Two Givens were named William.  Wm. H. died in 1902; Wm. E. in 1939.
John R. Good
David E. Good
Anthony Graham
James Griffith James M. Griffith was a farmer, dairyman, and grazier.
Abner Griffith
John Griffith
Rees Happersett
Edward Helms
Thomas Hughes
George Irwin George W. Irwin taught at the Honey Brook grade school.
Frederick Irwin F. H. Irwin was a farmer, life insurance agent, and proprietor of a washing machine shop.
William Irwin William B. Irwin taught at the Cambridge Public School.
Isaac Jacquette
William Kennedy
James King
Edwin Kurtz
George Lawrence
Benjamin Lewis
John Grier Lewis
Andrew Lightner
Haines Long
Joseph Mackelduff
Samuel Mackelduff
Nathan Manship
Joseph Martin
John McClees
James McClure
Baxter McClure
Henry McConnell Descendants of James McConnell, who served in the Revolutionary War.
William McConnell The McConnell homestead still stands along Horseshoe Pike.
John McIlheney
James McIlheney
Charles McIlvaine
John R McMichael
Johnathan Millard
John I Miller
Penrose Moore
William Morgan
John Morgan
Enos Piersol Piersols have lived in the Township for many years.
William Pim
David Potts
William Potts
Isaac Reel
Elam Reel
John Reeser
John Seypherd
George Shingle This very well might be the ancestor of two Shingles who served on the Board of Supervisors for many years in the early 20th century.
George Spotts
John Spotts
William Supplee Suplee village on Suplee Road is named for the Supplee family.
Stewart Supplee The dropping of the second ‘p’ was an intentional move by the family.
George Supplee
Jack Talbot Talbotville was a post office and later a road in the Township.
James Talbot
Jacob Talbot
John Trego The Trego family cemetery is on a farm on Suplee Road.  The last Trego buried there was in the 1830s.
John Troub
Joseph Umstead
George Wagner
Rees Elmer Welsh Rees died in 1938.  Many Welshes have lived in the Township.
George Werntz
Bentley Wert
John White A merchant and custom miller who also ran the Cupola Iron Foundry and Machine Shop.
David White
Morton Whitehill
James Whiteman
Andrew Whiteman
Lewis Worrall
Eli Worrall
John Wright
John Zollers


Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, Veterans Ceremony – November 10, 2019


State Rep. Tim Hennessey, Nov. 11 2012 Honey Brook,PA Paying respects to Vets


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