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All Other Permit Applications

Other Permits that are NOT Building, Construction, or Demolition

**Please note: all permit applications are being reworked for 2023. If there is no link for the permit application you need, please call the Township Office at 610-273-3970.**

Choose your permit application from the list below.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact the Township office at 610 273-3970 or info@honeybrooktwp.com.

Click here for the 2023 Fee Schedule.


Accessory Dwelling Unit: A second dwelling on a lot where there is already a single-family dwelling.  The accessory dwelling may either be freestanding or attached to the principal dwelling. Read the Fact Sheet for additional information.


Alternative Energy:  A permit is needed to install any energy system that makes use of a recurring natural resource such as solar.


Change of Use:  A change of use and occupancy permit is needed when there is a proposed change in the way a building or land is being used that will result in the new use being governed by different regulations. Example:  if a residential garage is converted into living space or if an office building is converted into a retail store.


Driveway:  A driveway permit is needed anytime there will be a change or alteration to a privately owned, constructed or maintained vehicle access from a road / street or from another driveway.


Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity (ECHO):  for temporary housing quarters for an elderly or disabled person or the caretaker thereof.
For the duration of the ECHO’s use, an ECHO Annual Compliance Checklist will be sent out ahead of the yearly inspection as required by ordinance.


Hauler Registration:  all municipal waste and recycling haulers who conduct business in the Township must register on or before January 30 each calendar year.  There is no cost to this registration.  Click here for the required recycling report for FY 2022. This report is due February 1, 2023.


Home Occupation: A permit is needed if you want to conduct an activity for profit on your residential or agricultural property.  Before completing a permit application, supply the Township Office staff with information about what you’d like to do.  This information will be used by the Zoning Officer to determine whether the home occupation falls under the category of:

Once a determination is made, complete and submit the appropriate application.

Junk Yard – New: use this application for new junk yard operations. An annual Junk Yard Compliance Checklist will be sent to established Junk Yards in late June.

Kennel, Non-Profit Animal Shelter, or Boarding Kennel:  A permit is required if you plan to breed, train or house pets for compensation.  This permit is also needed if you keep more than five dogs that are more than six months old on your property.  This is in addition to any state permits required by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.  Once established, kennels require annual renewal of their U&O, usually in the spring of each year.


Mobile or Manufactured Home Placement: A permit is required anytime that this type of single family home is being placed on an existing pad site.  In addition to the Township’s required inspections, the person placing the home is also responsible to contact the Northwestern Chester County Municipal Authority at 610-273-2265, who will inspect the connection to the sewer system.  The Township will issue a Use and Occupancy permit only after approval by the Northwestern Chester County Municipal Authority.

Mobile or Manufactured Home Removal: A permit is required anytime that this type of single family home is removed.  In addition to the Township’s permit the person removing the home is also responsible to contact the Northwestern Chester County Municipal Authority at 610-273-2265, who will conduct an inspection to insure that the sewer connection is properly capped after the unit is removed.

Mobile / Manufactured Home Community / Park Application: this is required for the establishment of any Mobile / Manufactured Home Community / Park per the regulations in Chapter 14 of the Township Code of Ordinances. For established Communities / Parks, a Mobile / Manufactured Home Community / Park license renewal is required each year.  Renewals and invoices will be sent out by the Township Administration Office when renewals are due.

Non-Conforming Use Registration:  A use that does not comply with the current zoning code but was lawfully in existence prior to the new code being enacted.


Road Occupancy (work in the right-of-way that is not a driveway):  No work may be conducted on, in or under a township right-or-way without first obtaining a permit.  The right-of-way for township roads normally includes an area 16 ½ feet from the centerline of the roadway.


Signs: A permit is needed to erect, install, replace, remove, light and/or alter permanent or temporary signs.  Refer to the zoning code for regulations and exemptions.


Tent: Any temporary structure that is erected as an accessory to a commercial, industrial, or rural occupation use requires a permit. A permit is not needed to erect a temporary structure on a residential property solely for the purpose of holding a family function.


Timber Harvest:  The cutting or removal of more than twenty (20) trees from a woodland during a three (3) year period is defined as Timber Harvesting and requires a permit. The removal of dead or diseased trees is not considered Timber Harvesting. Permit application should be submitted at least 45-days in advance of the proposed starting date.


Yard or Garage Sale: Used to allow the temporary display and sale of common household items and crafts on a residential lot.  Only three sales are permitted each year. Please promptly remove all temporary signs posted to announce your sale.

General Permit Application:  If there is no specific application form that meets your needs, contact the office to discuss your project. In the event that the Office staff agrees that there is no other form that meets your needs, then use this application.


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